The Greatest Moment in 100 Years of NFL

While the NFL has been celebrating its 100th season, they organised a vote for fans to nominate the league’s most memorable moment. For Steelers fans, it would be easy to choose the one moment when the “Same Old Steelers” finally turned into winners.

For neutral NFL fans, the choice spanning one hundred years wouldn’t be such an easy decision. They had a many spectacular moments to choose from before it came down to the final four:

1/ The Immaculate Reception

2/ The Helmet Catch when the Giants David Tyree secured a pass by pinning it against his helmet for a 32-yard completion. The catch ensured New York won Super Bowl XLII 17-14 to prevent the Patriots from going unbeaten on the season.

3/ The Catch in the 1981 NFC Championship game when Joe Montana rolled back to his right, looking for receivers. Under pressure from three Cowboys while running out of room on the sideline, Montana double-clutched and then – off of one foot – lofted a pass deep into the end zone intended for receiver Dwight Clark. The ball appeared to be going out of bounds, but Clark hauled it in to edge a 28-27 win that sent the 49ers to their first Super Bowl win.

4/ The Miami Dolphins’ Perfect Season. 1972 saw the Dolphins go 14-0 in the regular season and sweep their two playoffs games and win Super Bowl VII to complete the only perfect NFL season.

For Steelers fans, it was great the Immaculate Reception won, and it confirmed what an impression it has left on fans and the NFL since 1972.  

The Immaculate Reception was part of Three Rivers Stadium’s history. The stadium was demolished in 2001. My friend Mike Fabus gave me a piece of the old stadium and my granddaughter is forever intrigued by a piece of concrete that I tell her is priceless.

There’s a memorial on West General Robinson Street next to Heinz Field where visitors replicate Franco’s catch. It’s a tourist thing and who can blame them?

The story behind the catch can be found here>>>