Steelers looking good for return of Ben

Ben at practice when SNUK visited 2015

By a distance, Ben Roethlisberger has been the Steelers best quarterback over the last four decades. He’s led the team to three Super Bowls and held the Lombardi trophy aloft twice.

When he sustained his elbow injury in the second quarter of the week two game against Seattle, Steeler Nation discovered what life without Ben will be like. It was a roller coaster ride without the stability of Ben leading the team.

Fast forward to February 21 this year and Ben took the initial steps in his rehab when he was permitted to throw that first ball. The video posted by the Steelers brought relief and warmth to the Nation as they embraced the potential significance that act.

Ron Cook of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette spoke last week to Ben to confirm whether the Nation’s anticipation of his full return is justified, and his reply was very encouraging.

“There’s pressure, but I put more pressure on myself,” he said Thursday. “As much as the fans and my teammates want me out there, I want to be out there even more. I saw last season what this team is capable of doing. I’m pushing myself to come back better than ever.”

The full interview can be found on the Post-Gazette as I wouldn’t want to steal Ron Cook’s thunder

The Steelers organisation must have faith in these choice words from Ben, “I have no doubts I’m going to be able to come back and play well – none.”  

Losing offensive linemen B.J. Finney to free agency while Ramon Foster retired were going to have some impact on the offense. The Steelers have partly rectified this with the signing of Stefen Wisniewski.

The one position that has been lacking on offense in recent times is at tight end. Vance McDonald has shown flashes of brilliance, but not often enough due to injury. What he has shown is how Ben could utilise that position on the offense.

The signing of Eric Ebron was a great move by the Steelers, and it confirms their belief that Ben will be back at his best. The organisation also signed fullback Derek Watt who will make up for the release of Roosevelt Nix who never achieved his full potential due to injuries. Watt will also add spark to special teams.

The Steelers did well with their signings and even dealt with the Ravens for defensive end Chris Wormley.

With the draft next month, it’ll be interesting to see where the Steelers go with their first pick. Running back?