SteelerNationUK and the Sandwell Steelers honour Dan Rooney

Just before Christmas last year I received this email from SteelersNationUnite:

“As you may know, Mr. Rooney was a Duquesne graduate and in 2018, the University will be honoring his life and legacy at a special event. One element the University is hoping to include a video tribute to Mr. Rooney from fans around the country, specifically from Steelers fan clubs and Steelers bars.”

The email from the Steelers was followed by one from Duquesne University with the same request so I posted a message about the video on our Facebook page and within our group.

I thought a good place to record the video was in Birmingham with the Sandwell Steelers because some of their team had visited Duquesne University last October to watch the Dukes and I thought it a good association with the event.

The venue would also provide our fans in the north an opportunity to get together so it was arranged for January 28th at a Steelers training session and I appreciate the support we were given by the Sandwell Steelers to make it happen.

When I sent the recording to the university, the response was, “Terrific. Thank you!!”

Please read my tribute to Ambassador Rooney and you will realise why I was keen for SNUK to participate in the tribute.

The Dukes photo courtesy Lauren Carrington.

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