SNUK’s Steelers memories

My first photo of Three Rivers Stadium taken in 1986

Who would have thought that the first visit to Pittsburgh in 1986 would be the first of many adventures to see the Steelers? Fortunately, I enjoy taking photos so have a few to share.

The obvious place to start is in 1986 when I made my first visit with my wife and daughter. We stayed over for a weekend on our way to holiday on the west coast. The Steelers played the Bears in an exhibition game so I was keen to get a photo of our number one draft pick, Bubby Brister, #6 in the picture.

My next visit was also with my wife and daughter, but also with eight members of SteelerNationUK for our first visit as a group. We organised everything ourselves which before the days of the internet was no mean feat.

We were evicted from Three Rivers stadium after we found ourselves inside on Saturday morning when the team came out for practice.

The one exception was to putting the trip together by ourselves was our away trip to Cleveland when we became part of the Mon Valley Warriors and travelled with them on a bus.

We also had a day trip to the Hall of Fame, which was an adventure in itself as we took the back roads to Canton in a largish mini-bus. The lady at the hire desk was a bit dubious about my English driving licence. When I returned it, I wound her up by saying, “I’ve got some bad news.” As the look of concern passed over her face, I said, “Only joikng. All in one piece.” The word about about the English invasion had obviously got around as she commented, “You never told me you were on Myron’s show.” Not exactly the thing you go around telling everyone I suppose.

That driving licence figured again at the Penguins game when I was asked for ID. I gave her my English paper driving licence. She couldn’t work it out so called her supervisor over who gave her short thrift… “Serve him!” Think I was over forty at the time.