SNUK’s Steelers memories part 2

During lockdown, a lot of people have been tidying up and I’ve been no different. Although I’ve been researching the Pittsburgh Americans I’ve also been trying hard to put my photos in order. I have a lot of photos in the loft and not just of SteelerNationUK’s many adventures.

The benefit of my toil is I have used the opportunity to scan some interesting photos of SNUK’s history that I can share. SNUK has brought Steeler fans together in the UK since the mid-eighties and we shared a lot of adventures so there is a lot of interest.

We were at the first Steelers game in Jacksonville and travelled to Barcelona and Dublin to watch the Steelers on their overseas travels.

We brought fans from the United States together in London when the team came over to play the Vikings.

I’m going to continue with posting our bygone travels and I hope you enjoy seeing them. Back in the day, our newsletter was printed in black and white so on our trip in 1993 I took many photos in that mode believing it would look better when printing.

The Steelers exhibit at Canton’s Hall of Fame 1993
We were luck to organise a visit to watch a Penguins practice with Jaromír Jágr on the ice

Also with one of Pittsburgh’s finest – Mario Lemieux

Steelers memories part 1