27 Inductees into Steelers Hall of Honor

There were a few questions regarding the Steelers missing names on the list of inaugural inductees into their Hall of Honor.

As we previously noted, the eligibility guidelines for inductees were:

Players who played at least three years with the team and possess noteworthy career highlights, records and achievements will be eligible. Coaches and contributors to the team and community also will be considered.

Like the nominees for Football’s Hall of Fame, players have to be retired three years before consideration.

On his radio show, Stan Savran revealed that all the Steelers in Canton’s Hall of Fame were automatic entries this year which explains why Kevin Greene was an inductee over Greg Lloyd.

There will be 2-4 new inductees each year and fans will have an opportunity to nominate future entrants.

Myron Cope was mentioned by SNUK member Peter Fairman as someone from the organisation who was missing, but he hopefully will be added soon.

The induction ceremony will take place during the Green Bay Packers game on November 26 when the inductees will be presented with a copy of the above steel ball.

There is a great video of the making of the balls on Steelers.com.

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