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AFC Defensive Player of Week 2 – T.J. Watt

T.J. Watt earns his fourth AFC Defensive Player honour. Details>>>

#steelersworldwide 2020 Photos Video

Under the current difficult circumstances surrounding the world, Steelers fans from 16 countries came together to make their annual tribute to their team>>>

Steelers Training Camp Report on Defense

After Simon’s excellent look at the offense, he now turns his focus to the Steelers defense>>>

Steelers Training Camp Report

The new season approaches rapidly and we are fortunate to have Southampton Stags coach Simon shares his thoughts on the Steelers training camp>>>

2020 and SteelerNationUK

Is it just me, or have you noticed the huge amount of media reporting that is coming out of Pittsburgh for Steelers Nation?

I’m not complaining! I think it’s a great idea to reach out to the many fans who were unable to visit the Steelers training camp in Latrobe because of the coronavirus.

If you have not visited Steelers.Com lately, then you should. There is an amazing amount of news, stories, and photos plus updates that are a must for Steeler Nation.

This site has been a little quiet, but with no preseason games to report on and the fact there is so much on the Steelers site, I haven’t seen the point.

That doesn’t mean we’ve been quiet. Our Steelers history site is currently going through the 1979 season and is updated weekly. SteelCityBlitz is posting a Steelers history article from the UK each week.

We are once more involved in the annual #SteelersWorldWide video of Steeler Nation from around the world. The video is due to be sent out Sunday September 6 and if you want to participate, please read how here.

The Steelers 2020 regular season schedule

The Steelers schedule can be found here>>>

SNUK’s Memories part 2

We return to 1993 for more SNUK memories>>>

The Steelers first ever draft pick in 1936

The NFL began using the draft system to select college players in 1936. Read about the Steelers first ever draft pick>>>

SNUK share some of their great memories

SteelerNationUK have been travelling to see the Steelers since 1986 so I thought it would be a good idea to share some of the photos. SNUK memories part one.

On Any Given Sunday

Bert Bell should be considered the father of the NFL because he took it from a disorganised sport chasing college football fans and laid the foundations for the sports empire it has now become. Bert Bell>>>

The Immaculate Reception

An iconic moment in Steelers history has now been recognised by NFL fans as the most memorable moment in its celebration of 100 years of football. Story here>>>

Myron Cope – the legend

SteelersNation remember Myron for the Terrible Towel, but his legacy is greater than that. Myron Cope>>>

SteelerNationUK’s Dean Mitchell makes a dream come true

This is the lovely story of one member of SteelerNationUK who finally made the trip to Pittsburgh. Dean’s story>>>


Steelers Nation Unite
Steelers Nation Unite

SNUK share the unique experience SteelersNationUnite gave them in 2015 and you can also be part of the best fan involvement in the NFL by joining the Nation. Find out more here>>>





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